Chitika Ad Network Running Long ago on internet. Still have the Chitika Popularity on market, Blogger & others want to learn about Chitika Ads. We are writing on the article about Chitika Ads Review. Our experience might be you to decide to use Chitika Ads on your blog. Chitika Ads is CPM Based Advertising Networks. It’s Great who’s gaining higher volume of Organic Traffic.

Chitika Ads Review:

There don’t have any site applying system. So you can apply in any web platform. you can also use in Blogger.
Simply you need to do. get your adcode and paste in your website. Chitika automatically added your domain. after that automatically Chitika analysis you website. if you Website follow Chitika Policy? Chitika will automatically approve you domain. if your domain approved? you will get this email.

Chitika Ads Review

Which type of Ads show on Chitika?

Actually I used 2 days in my website. I think they don’t have any advertiser. I see only 4 same ads in my website. same ads show whole ads. So think they promoting his website. Advertisement shows like AdSense. You don’t see any Chitika credit in advertisement. So looks like fresh and responsive.

Chitika Ads makes Slow you site?

I don’t think so it’s make slow but take lots of bandwidth. I think it will not make slow you website. you can use this without any tension.

Chitika ads bid type?

This in an cpm based advertisement network. it’s pay for impression. Chitika cpm is too much low. i don’t think that you will earn money in low traffic sites.

Which type ads on Chitika?

Chitika now serving only banner ads you will get lots of banner ads in Chitika. there have lots of ads size. You can use any ads size that fit your website. There is no way to create an ads. all ads unit created automatically. So if you use an muilt domain? you can use same ad code in other websites. Chitika automatically add you Website in your account.

How much I earn from Chitika?

Chitika Ads Review

I already told that I have website. there have around 600+ daily traffic. so I typed in my website. so first day my earning is 0.00$. I use 3 ads unit in my website and got around 2k+ ads impression it’s all most 3k ads impression you can call. I see that all ads impression blocked. There is no bid, So I tried in 2nd ads. My 2nd ads ad impression about 2k+ again. Now revenue it’s about 0.003$. all impression automatically blocked without any reason. all impression all original and no self Viewed. So 3rd days I remove ads code from my website.

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