Hello Reader! Google is the most used search engine in world. You can’t think a single day without this. Every day we search lots of things. Google is most fast and response search engine. Google always try to show the best search results. If we have any website? We can submit our website on search engine. Search engine will crawl ever day and indexing your website. Most of time we will face lots of problem, if you have good knowledge about search engine optimization then you can solve this easily. So today we talk about an issue about Google search engine. That is site error. The most reason about this problem is hosting issue. So we always recommend you please check your hosting.

 Google server Connectivity Error on your website.

That’s Mean Google bots can’t access your website for Crawling. 

Why It’s happened?

You can See this picture saying ‘Google Couldn’t Access your site because of a server Connectivity error’

That’s means your website hosting problem. Please check that your website working properly.  Please also check your have pointed your site on hosting provider name server. There some case it’s happening, if you are changing your hosting to an other new hosting provider. You will see this kinds of error. If you don’t fixed this problem sooner? You can loss your website ranking. All higher rank Page will removed from Google.

How can you fix this?

1) please make sure that your website pointed correct nameserver. If pointed please wait 72 hours for dns changing. It’s may take much longer.

2) Make sure that your website running correctly. Please also check doesn’t blocking bots.

3) please contacted your hosting provider. They can help you to fix this issue.

4) if you think that nothing issue on your hosting side? Please wait some days. It will automatically fixed. When Google bots come again for crawling.

So if you have any questions? Please comment below on comment box. We will respond soon.

Have a great day, Take care.