Google is the most used Search engine in World. We can get best results always. I notice something new about Google url submission. I can’t submit my Url directly. How can you submit url new webpage in Google? There is only one way to submit url. First of all Your website must be add on Google search console and verfied ownership.
No longer direct link submission.
You can see this picture. There writing clearly. To submit a url to the Google index, either submit a sitemap or use the fetch as Google tools. What should you Do? 1) Add your website on Google search console and verfied ownership. 2) If you using WordPress? Your SEO tool automatically generate an sitemap and Blogger as same. If you using any custom script? Then you can generate an sitemap used Online tools. Make user that you given permission to index your website. If you don’t wanna index some page? Simply you can your robots.txt file.
Click on crawl then go the the options Fetch as Google.
4) Then you go at Fetch as Google. You can add your link please check the attachment
Past your link in mark box.
5) submit your link there an request for index. Out out submit only /simple-post/ You need to follow this format. If you don’t follow? You will see error in url submission.
Now choose 1 option and click on go. Now all is ok, Google bots come your website for crawling and index your page soon as possible. It’s may take 24 hours for show your link in search engine. If you have any questions? Please comment below. Thank you for Reading. Have a great day.