Propellerads is an advertisement company. This Company started in 2011, Propellerads ads still running. This also an alternative of Google AdSense.

If your AdSense account suspended for any reason? You can use propellerads ads in your website. You can earn money like Google AdSense.

Propeller Ads Review: Propellerads Alternative is Perfect ?

Propeller Ads Review: if you think that propellerads is perfect alternative of Google AdSense? you are wrong. I think there don’t have any bit able network in internet.

AdSense also paid high amount revenue. AdSense average CPC rate is 0.50$ per click. if your website have primary USA, UK, NL traffic your average CPC is about 1-2$ per click.

So I think that there is no AdSense perfect AdSense alternative but you can use other ads network for low amount revenue.

Propeller ads Ads Type:

Now i taking about propeller ads types, actually 5 different ads in propellerads.

1) Native Banner

Propeller Ads Review

Responsive, customizable, matches design of your site.

Show users content suggestions, relevant to their interests.

2) Native Subscriptions

Propeller Ads Review

Profitable format with high CTR, perfectly compatible with all other ads

Get paid for each new subscription (CPS) or impression delivered (CPM).

3) Onclick (Popunder)

Propeller Ads Review

Popular, top-performing full-tab ads.

Monetize every visitor on desktop & mobile.

4) Interstitial

Propeller Ads Review

Non full-screen, suitable for desktop & mobile traffic.

Get higher revenue compared to the classic banners.

5) Smart link (Direct ads)

Propeller Ads Review

Flexible ad format with smart ads auto-optimization.

Send traffic from your own banners, texts or other custom advertising solutions.

Propeller ads payout:

Propeller Ads Review: Propellerads also paid on time. propellerads ads paid your earning. if you complete the minimum payout threshold is 5$, If you completely in 30 days? You will get paid next month within 10-15 Every Month.

propellerads payment method:

1) ePayment
2) Payooner Prepaid Master card
3) Payooner Bank Transfer
4) PayPal USD
5) Skrill EURO
6) Webmoney Z
Note: Propellerads Minimum Payout 5$

Propellerads Ads Bids Types:
1) CPM
2) CPS

Those are all Propellerads payment method. if you choose vaild payment method? you will get paid on time.

Propeller Ads Review: What is Good in Propellerads?

Before I writing this post I tried propellerads personally. My experience is good about propellerads ads.
1) Propellerads ads good customer support team.
2) Good amount of revenue, If your website have high traffic.
3) lots of ads format, actually I like native subscription Ads.
4) 5$ Payout

Propeller Ads Review: What is Bad in propellerads?

There also have lots of bad Experience about propellerads ads. if you have any download site or adult content Website? then propellerads ads best choice for you Website.

if you have blog or new website? I will recommend you never use propellerads ads.
1) Propellerads ads Working for 3rd party adult website.
2) propellerads included malware in advertisement.
3) if you get traffic from Google? I will recommend you never use propellerads ads. it will harm your website Ranking. Google give your website in blacklisted.
4) Your website visitors disturb for this Advertisement. So visitor as soon as possiblie leave your website.

Propeller Ads Review: Propellerads scam:

Propellerads do scam? of course not, As i used propellerads. i never seem did scam with me.

This article i shared my owner experience with propeller ads, Never see any scamming activities but you maybe face some issues on verification.

They can ask you verify your identity via National ID Card/ Passport or Driving license. If you fail to verify, Then no payment received from propeller ads.

So be careful when your making account on propeller ads, Make sure you give correct name, address. Because your account must need same information as your National Identity.

Propeller Ads Review: Propellerads cpc rate:

They you wanna know about cpc rate? BAD news for you! The adnetwork not gives in cpc bidding system. You can get CPM OR CPS on the ad network. So don’t worry on bid model, Now day propellerads give good cpm rate.

Propellerads payment:

Propeller Ads Review

Propeller ads gives you good ad revenue but its not for Asian traffic. If you have good traffic sources from US & UK, then this adnetwork gives you awesome income.

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