Rank Math SEO plugin become most popular SEO Plugin in 2020, There have many reason begin popularity.

Today we review Rank Math SEO Plugin & let you know rank math vs yoast , Which Plugin good for WordPress website’s.

What is Rank Math SEO Plugin?

yoast seo alternative is Rank Math SEO Plugin is one of fast growing seo plugin in the WordPress users.

There also available more plugin for SEO but Rank Math better then any others. I personally using Rank Math SEO Plugin, Its quite good plugin.

Ialso hear the Plugin still under development. If you wanna compare rank math vs yoast Plugin, I

might be users recommend yoast seo Plugin because that was too old plugin. So people’s are using the plugin long time.

That only main reason for Choosing yoast. But as my personal use of Rank math SEO Plugin,

I hope its well then yoast SEO Plugin. Rank Math SEO Plugin Totally free of charges, At the article writing time. It might be paid in future.

Firstly i liked Rank Math SEO Plugin for totally free plugin. It maybe doing advertising proposals. in future plugin can be paid for all users.

Rank Math Overview:

Rank Math

This is Rank math SEO Plugin setup page. Its similar to yoast seo plugin. The plugin setup page looks just cool.

Rank Math SEO Plugin user friendly. Any new WordPress user easy to understand the plugin settings. The plugin help you a lots when you’re write a new content.

Rank math

Rank Math Plugin gives you most popular Keywords Suggestions, When you’re Focus Keyword. 

There is most interesting part SEO Score. It will help you to know how effective SEO On page SEO done on the content.

Rank math

Rank Math also gives you ideas & what’s wrong on the content. The same system gives yoast plugin.

but Rankmath plugin easy to understand & help you to write better On page SEO content. So Rank math Plugin best for on page optimization.

I know Yoast also have better & same feature but all are in paid version.

How to add Search engine verification html meta tag on Rank Math?

Rank Math

If you want to add search engine verification html meta tag on your website. Then you can follow the options: Rank Math >General Settings >Webmasters Tools those options help you to add meta tag to verify your websites.

Rank Math important Feature

404 Monitor

Records the URLs on which visitors & search engines run into 404 Errors. You can also turn on Redirections to redirect the error causing URLs to other URLs.


ACF support helps Rank Math SEO read and analyze content written in the Advanced Custom Fields. If your theme uses ACF, you should enable this option.


AMP from WordPress.org to make Rank Math work with Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is required because AMP are different than WordPress pages and our plugin doesn’t work with them out-of-the-box.


Add proper Meta tags to your bbPress forum posts, categories, profiles, etc. Get more options to take control of what search engines see and how they see it.


Enable the BuddyPress module for Rank Math SEO to make your BuddyPress forum SEO friendly by adding proper meta tags to all forum pages.

Link Counter

Counts the total number of internal, external links, to and from links inside your posts.

Local SEO & Google Knowledge Graph

Dominate the search results for local audience by optimizing your website and posts using this Rank Math module.


Redirect non-existent content easily with 301 and 302 status code. This can help reduce errors and improve your site ranking.

Rich Snippets

Enable support for the Rich Snippets, which adds metadata to your website, resulting in rich search results and more traffic.

Role Manager

The Role Manager allows you to use internal WordPress’ roles to control which of your site admins can change Rank Math’s settings

Search Console

Connect Rank Math with Google Search Console to see the most important information from Google directly in your WordPress dashboard.

SEO Analysis

Let Rank Math analyze your website and your website’s content using 70+ different tests to provide tailor-made SEO Analysis to you.


Enable Rank Math’s sitemap feature, which helps search engines index your website’s content effectively.


WooCommerce module to use Rank Math to optimize WooCommerce Product Pages.

That Are main highlights of Rank math SEO Plugin. There also have others deep settings. We let you know the important options.

Rank Math Migrate From Yoast (or other SEO plugins)

If your site is currently using Yoast SEO or any of the other popular SEO plugins, you can migrate everything to Rank Math.

This allows you to easily make the switch without loss anything:

  • Don’t needs to update old post
  •  All meta data added automatically on Rank Math

Rank Math will automatically detect which SEO plugin your site is running on you website.

Just go to-

Sidebar > Rank Math > Setup Wizard

And you should see this screenshot

Rank math seo

We are discussing important uses of Rank math SEO Plugin. It’s totally free plugin, So download Rank Math 100% free to use.

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Thanks for stay with us.